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Owner: Joseph (Joe) Grizzle (aka Chef Geoseff)

In Your Home – At Your Service – Wherever You Are

Hi, and thank you for coming to my website. My name is Joseph (Joe) Grizzle, but professionally, I go by Chef Geoseff. Let me tell you a bit about myself, since you are contemplating inviting me into your home to put on the dinner of a lifetime for you and your guests. Like many people, I found myself embroiled in Corporate America – mostly in hospitality, entertainment, and project management. But my real love is cooking and catering, so for many years, I moonlighted as a supervisor/captain/chef for a local caterer. It was this that led me to becoming a dinner party specialist, which I eventually took to the next level. Now, I travel around the world (my old corporate ties afford me an exceptional travel arrangement), and put on elegant, memorable dinner parties for my select clients.

This is my love, my passion, and my career.  And if you are interested in a memorable evening and an unforgettable meal, I am at your service.

As I prepared to move into retirement, I created my own company to address my love and passion.  Eight Ate at Eight is a unique, in-home catering and dinner party service.

Chef Geoseff will serve you and your guests an elegant, world class dinner, right from your own kitchen. There’s no finer way to entertain.

The best part is, we handle everything. So everyone can just relax, enjoy a great meal, and have a memorable evening.

You can have almost any type of event you want: A formal dinner, complete with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. A cocktail and buffet event. A murder mystery dinner. Or perhaps a Downton Abbey style gathering.  It’s all possible.

No doubt you have questions. Let’s answer a few common ones:

The biggest question is “ok, how much?”

  • While every event is unique, prices generally begin at $50 - $100 per person, depending on the type of event and the guest count.  Eight Ate at Eight will work with you and your budget to create the perfect gathering.

While it’s not exactly dollar menu, but considering travel, how is that pricing level possible?

  • Chef Geoseff has a unique travel arrangement. So handling a dinner party in Dallas, Texas or Madrid, Spain is not much different than handling one in his hometown of Atlanta. So far in 2017, we have catered locally from Gainesville to Peachtree City... Folly Beach, SC, Minneapolis, MN, NYC, LA, Zurich, Guadalajara and Bochum, Germany. This arrangement allows Chef Geoseff to indulge in his true passion – putting on and catering elegant, in-home dinner parties and events.

Who buys the food and drinks?

  • Chef Geoseff handles all of that, with your input, of course. He sources ingredients locally.

What about the napkins, tablecloth, silverware, plates, glasses, candles… and cleanup?

  • Handled. We make this as easy as going out to eat, but way better.

What size dinner parties / events do you do?

  • Anywhere from 6-20 is a good number. We can always bring in additional service help, and handle largers parties up to 100.

There’s no finer way to entertain!

Chef Geoseff
Chef Geoseff


"Delivering all the right ingredients to make your next event a recipe for success!"