"Raves" are submitted by each of my clients.

  • John L.

    Today Joe came to our office and catered our lunch meal for us. Not only was I surprised by how professional and kind Joe was, but I was overwhelmingly surprised at the absolutely incredible taste of the foods that he prepared. The end result was far more than I had ever expected, both from a taste perspective and a service perspective.

    John L. 02/05/2016
  • Johnny B.

    Mom's birthday dinner was amazing! DELISH! Joe Grizzle, maker of magic, caterer extraordinaire and dear friend, actually located four more plates in mom's china pattern so we could use her china for chargers and gave them to her as a gift. Who knew there were more out there?!?!

    Johnny B. 5/22/2016
  • Bernice G.

    I'm probably biased, but the luncheon that my son, Joe, prepared was absolutely delicious! IT was so much fun to spend time with friends that I've known for over 50 years and be served such a wonderful lunch. Everyone especially loved the green beans and corn souffle'. Thank you, Joe

    Bernice G. 07/23/2016
  • Nancy W.

    Joe did a great job accommodating our food allergies. He was able to make a variety of foods that were gluten free, vegan, and without shellfish for our party of 14.

    Nancy W. 8/2/2016
  • Ritchie C.

    Geoseff created an incredible evening for me and 7 guests in my home in a fast 4 days. It was the most relaxed event ever in my home because I did nothing but invite people and eat his delicious food. He also left the flowers which were three stunning arrangements that lasted over a week.

    Ritchie C. 8/22/2016